MWP - Feature : Hammock tasks, set calculation mode

MWP - Feature : Hammock tasks, set calculation mode

Use case : 

Hammock tasks need refresh calculation often to get the right duration.
When you have a lot of hammock tasks in your plan, time spent to calculate can become inconvenient. To prevent this, we now allow you to choose is calculate is done after each change or not. Also, you can run calculate on demand.

When you want to set up calculation mode, select Hammock drop down menu in Schedule tab :

We provide 3 options :
Status & Action performed

#1. Calculation is On
This means that anytime it's needed, we perform calculation to update hammock tasks. When user click on this icon, we switch to mode #2

#2. Calculation is Off
No calculation is done to update hammock even if needed to reflect changes. When user click on this icon, we switch to #1

#3. On demand
We run the calculation when user clic on this icon without changing the selected choice #1 ou #2

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