MWP - Features - Show all : See everything in one click

MWP - Features - Show all : See everything in one click

Use case

When you schedule your plan, or track progress, you often apply filters, collapse outline levels to focus on the relevant data you want to work with.
Filters, Outline levels, group by and zoom in or out functions bring us flexibility to get a quick access to the information we need.

On the other hand, if a filter, a "group by", or an outline level is applied,  you may not be able to see the right thing.
You must always pay attention on the displayed tasks or resources.

How to

To avoid any confusion and keep control on what is displayed we created the "Show all" function:
  MWP ShowAll
You can find this icon nearby the filter menu, on the right part of most MWP tab.

What do we do ?

This apply to any kind of view. 
Based on the view type, we perform the relevant actions :
  1. Remove any filters.
  2. Remove any "Group by".
  3. Show all outline levels.
  4. Zoom to the entire project.

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